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Cancer and Hair Loss

Feeling self - confident during cancer treatment may be difficult, particularly as your body changes. One of these changes might be hair loss as a side effect of medication.

Alopecia, or hair loss, begins when therapy affects the cells that make hair develop.
Some types of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow/stem cell transplantation are known to cause it.

Where can you get help for hair loss?

Your medical team is available to help you understand and manage the adverse effects of your individual treatment plan, including emotional side effects linked to your self-image during and after treatment.
Talking with your doctor about what to anticipate before treatment starts will help you feel more prepared. Questions to consider include whether or not hair loss is expected, when and how much hair will come out, and when it will recover.
Many individuals feel more powerful if they know that information ahead of time and can look into programmes and services for persons who are suffering hair loss. There may also be options, such as cold cap treatment or topical medicines, to assist prevent hair loss. If hair loss occurs, the choice to wear a  cap, hat, head scarves or wig  is entirely personal.

How much does a chemo headwear cost?
Caps & Hats  may range in price from  £7  to £30 where wigs may costs from £20 to hundreds of pounds. Cotton & Bamboo has been the most comfortable headwear for chemo patients, you can wear Jewelled or Plain Chemo Caps under any hats which will keep you comfy all days.

Where can I get extra assistance with my appearance?

Many cancer centres include assistance for persons who are losing their hair.
Some organisations may even provide complimentary caps,  hats, or wigs.
Discuss your alternatives with a nurse, or another member of your health care team. There are other national initiatives that may help with self-esteem.
There are services available to all women and men receiving cancer treatment.
It is intended to teach both women and men how to deal with appearance-related adverse effects such as hair loss. Check with your health care team about local support groups and services that may be available to you.  Macmillan Online Community is another place where you can connect to other people experince the same journey so you won't feel alone.

Can we offer any help?  If you wish to cover your hair loss,  you have options to choose from Caps, Hats, Turbans or Head Scarves for Hair Loss. Check out Essential Caps for Hair Loss and Hats for Hair Loss options. Should you need any help with styling, do get in touch with us.


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Cancer and Hair Loss
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