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    • EXTRA WIDE HEADBAND : Designed for women experiencing patchy hair loss due to alopecia or other medical conditions, our range of extremely soft, hair and scalp friendly headbands come perfectly sized to disguise any bald patches, scars or stitches. Soft, bamboo headbands will remain comfortably in place all day long and in any situation providing total grip and no slip.

    • PERFECT SIMPLICITY: A headband that combines style with simplicity for those experience Alopecia or hair loss. The soft material used in its construction delivers the desired comfort and reassurance while covering any patches and keeping hair away from the wearer’s face.

    • YEAR-ROUND VERSATILITY: These headbands for women are suitable for all indoor/outdoor uses such as yoga, cycling, skiing, working out, dogwalking, face-mask application, morning-night moisturizing, make-up etc. Anytime you need to keep your hair away from your face, this long lasting and perennially stylish headband is the all-purpose, must have accessory.
    • COTTON & BAMBOO MATERIAL: A cotton/bamboo mix is the perfect material for a bandana ensuring that it does not irritate the skin or damage the scalp. Pure cotton can be too rough for sensitive skin and scalps but the ideal combination of both materials makes it softer and delightfully comfortable to wear. It delivers a non-slippery, lightweight and fully breathable material product.

    • CARE / SIZE: Hand wash only for longer lasting results If you do choose to machine wash, use a cold and gentle cycle. Dry flat or hang to dry. One size, fits perfectly a 54-59cm head size

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