Unisex Sleep Cap - Black
Satin Inlined Bamboo Sleep Cap - (Caroline Blue)
W Front Cotton & Bamboo Cap - Mulberry
Pre-Tied Bamboo Bandana - Denim
Jewelled Front Essential Cap - Black
Gathered Cap with Pelerine at the back - Lavender
Bamboo Wig Cap - (Taupe Pack of two)
Bamboo Instant Two Way Headwear - (Grey - Mulberry)
Unisex Cotton & Bamboo Bandana - Denim
Twisted Front Turban - (Black - Denim)
Reversible Beanie - Pink/Cream
No-Tie Bandana - Black/Burgundy
Sleep Cap for Men - Mink
Deresina Cotton beanie for men hairloss black
cotton chemo bandana for men denim
White Skull Cap | White Cotton Skull Cap | Deresina Headwear
Deresina Padded hat for cancer patients burgundy cream
Deresina Pearl detail turban for cancer patients mulberry
Diamond Patterned Hat with Georgette Flower - Black
Deresina Pleated w pattern turban for chemo beige
Everyday Square Head Scarf - Black Grey Frame
 deresina brocade headwear georgette chemo hats mulberry
Deresina Everyday square chemo headscarf plain dusty rose
Wearing Hats and Caps During Chemotherapy

Wearing Hats and Caps During Chemotherapy

The Benefits of Wearing Hats and Caps During Chemotherapy: How Headwear Can Help You Feel More Comfortable and Confident
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Menopause Hair Loss

Menopause Hair Loss

Hair loss can be difficult and emotional at any age, but it is especially difficult during menopause, when hormonal changes can affect your mood and confidence.
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What's PCOS Hair Loss?

What's PCOS Hair Loss?

 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), like most hormonal imbalances, is accompanied by a slew of unfavourable symptoms, such as hirsutism, irregular periods, weight gain, increased acne, and so on.
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