Deresina Padded hat for cancer patients burgundy cream
Deresina Pearl detail turban for cancer patients mulberry
Deresina Diamond patterned hat for chemotherapie teal
Deresina Pleated w pattern turban for chemo beige
Everyday Square Head Scarf - Black Grey Frame
Easy Tie Organic Head Scarf - Navy
 deresina brocade headwear georgette chemo hats mulberry
Deresina Everyday square chemo headscarf plain dusty rose
Scarf Pad - Bamboo High Bun (Taupee)
No Tie Bandana-Denim
Snug Fit Sleep Cap-Caroline Blue
W Front Cotton Cap - Azur Blue
W Front Cotton Cap - Black
W Front Cotton Cap - Cream

Why Do Cancer Patients Wear Turbans?

A turban is a stylish headpiece, and many cancer patients wear them for several reasons, such as elevating one's look, disguising bald patches...
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Hats or Turbans for Hair Loss? What Are the Differences?

The headwear can still be called a turban, but it looks like a hat – or it can be called a hat and be used anywhere, anytime ....
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Simple Solutions for Balding Men

In an aim to dispel myths and uncover the truth, we have provided some insight into what can cause hair loss in men...
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