W Front Cap with Attached Scarf (Denim Front Colourful)
W Front Cap with Attached Scarf (Cinnemon Plain)
W Front Cap with Attached Scarf (Beige Teeny Weeny)
W Front Cap with Attached Scarf (Burgundy Plain)
Scarf Pad - Bamboo High Bun (Taupee)
Unisex Sleep Cap Teal
No Tie Bandana-Denim
Snug Fit Sleep Cap-Caroline Blue
W Front Cotton Cap - Azur Blue
W Front Cotton Cap - Black

What We Received from You

I will take this opportunity, to once again thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, for such fantastic Customer Service. It has been hard for me losing all my hair. So stressful.  My sister-in-law lost all her hair, but she had, had chemo and, she said to me you know it's going to fall out, but mine was through the stress of my husband being seriously ill, but he is OK now.  Hair has started growing a bit now but it will take a while. Your company has made me look and feel nice again, and given me back my confidence.  You have made such a difference to me and others that are going through such a difficult time.  My blessings to you all.  You really do make a difference.  I can't wear a wig as it irritates my scalp as I have sensitive skin ... Read More

Simple Solutions for Balding Men

In an aim to dispel myths and uncover the truth, we have provided some insight into what can cause hair loss in men...
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Deresina Headwear launch Kids range

Although losing hair is not usually health threatening, it can scar a child’s vulnerable self-esteem by causing immense psychological and emotional...
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Top 5 Headwear and Caps for Cancer Patients

Whilst this blog doesn’t claim to have all the answers to the infinite spectrum of emotions you may be feeling at the start of your hair loss journey...
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