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Why Do Cancer Patients Wear Turbans?

A turban is a stylish headpiece, and many cancer patients wear them for several reasons, such as elevating one's look, disguising bald patches, or protecting one's head from weather conditions, such as keeping it warm in winter and away from the sun.

These hats are usually stretchy and made of a soft, comfortable fabric. Be sure to choose one with discrete seams, and avoid a big chemo hat for smaller women. It can look out of proportion to your head and body.

Elevation of One's Look

Experiencing hair loss is one of the most difficult periods in cancer treatment, and this can be a traumatic experience. It's important to have morale and not lose confidence. The use of headwear by cancer patients during treatment can improve their overall confidence. Chemo hats and turbans come in various styles that are both attractive and functional.

The turbans can be worn every day or occasionally. Cancer patients can also dress them up with colourful accessories and other head coverings.

Protection from the Sun
During the summer, cancer patients should protect the skin on their heads from the sun's harmful UV rays. Patients should also wear breathable clothing made of washable materials to avoid perspiration. Also, when spending time outside, cancer patients should avoid the midday sun, when the sun's rays are at their strongest.

Headwear can help patients protect themselves from the sun. You can either wear a turban, a headscarf, or a bamboo cap under a summer straw hat to give you comfort from harsh summer hats and protect you from the sun.

Keeping Warm in Winter
A turban is also an easy way to stay warm during cold winter weather. These head coverings slip right onto the head and give the appearance of a fancy scarf. They are easy to carry and can be used every day or on special occasions. Because they are lightweight, the coverings can be stored easily in a bag. Cancer patients can also dress them up with little effort.

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