About Deresina Headwear

This website is created after working for years with those who experienced Hair Loss.

Deresina team has started with providing wigs and Hair Replacement products and now we provide Elegant and Essential Headwear for Hair Loss. Hair Loss for women can be more damaging to self-esteem than for men. Before Hair Loss remedies, there were only two choices, wearing a wig or a hat. We have witnessed so many times that those who suffer Hair Loss due to Cancer, Alopecia or  other medical reasons, are finding it hard locating  fashion headwear that fits well, is easy to use and does not damage the skin.

Wearing a hat does not cause Hair Loss, but if the hat is particularly tight it could break the hair follicles and cause bald batches. Bearing this in mind, we have created our collection.

We've designed our "One Size Fits All"  products that feel Comfortable, Breathable, Non-Slippery, Soft, Feminine and Trendy. In looking through our Collection you will find a large variety of colors and as always the Best Quality Available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We are more than happy to assist you when purchasing for a friend or relative if necessary.

We hope you love our products.

Deresina Headwear