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Join Our Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog or charity organization looking for ways to generate revenue while supporting a cause? Our Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to earn commission up to 15% by promoting our range of quality headwear products.

How It Works:

    1. Sign Up: Joining our Affiliate Program is quick and easy. Simply fill out our online registration form and agree to our terms and conditions.
    2. Receive Your Unique Affiliate Link: Upon approval, you'll receive a unique affiliate link or grab banners that you can share with your audience.
    3. Promote Our Products: Start promoting our products on your blog, website, or social media channels using your affiliate link.
    4. Earn Commission: Earn commission up to 15% on every sale made through your affiliate link. You will be able to see how much you earn in your affiliate dashboard.

Deresina Headwear Affiliates Program


Benefits of Joining:

  • Side Hustle: Receive commission on every sale generated through your affiliate link.
  • Support a Cause: By promoting our quality headwear products, you're helping individuals experiencing hair loss find comfort and confidence.
  • Flexible Partnership: Our Affiliate Program is flexible, allowing you to promote our products in a way that works best for you.

Charities: For charities looking to generate revenue while making a difference, our Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity. By signing up as an affiliate, charities can receive donations every month from the sales they refer. It's a simple and effective way to support your cause while promoting products that make a difference in people's lives.

Join our Affiliate Program today and start earning commission while making a difference! Together, we can empower individuals experiencing hair loss and promote confidence and comfort through quality headwear.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Commission Rates: Affiliates will earn a base commission of 5% on all sales generated through their unique affiliate links. Commission rates can increase up to 15% based on performance and sales volume.

  2. Payment Schedule: Payments for earned commissions will be processed after 35 days from the date of the sale. This allows for any potential returns or refunds to be accounted for.

  3. Payment Method: Affiliates will receive their commission payments via Bank Wire transfer to their registered bank accounts. Charities will receive their payments into their donation accounts.

  4. Minimum Payout Threshold: The minimum payout threshold for commission payments is £10. If an affiliate's earned commissions do not reach this threshold in a given payment period, the amount will be carried over and added to the next month's payment. Once the threshold is met or exceeded, the affiliate will be eligible for payment according to the payment schedule.

  5. Tracking and Reporting: Affiliates will have access to a personalized dashboard where they can track their sales, commissions, and performance metrics in real-time.

  6. Termination: The Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate any affiliate account that violates our terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activity.

  7. Agreement: By joining the Affiliate Program, affiliates agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.