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Deresina Headwear launch Kids range

Although losing hair is not usually health threatening, it can scar a child’s vulnerable self-esteem by causing immense psychological and emotional stress; not just to the patient, but also to the concerned parents and siblings. 

Irrespective of cause or treatment plan, hair loss can be devastating to a child's self-esteem. Kids with cancer who are battling hair loss through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or those experiencing alopecia have a particularly difficult time adjusting to life. In addition to a potential loss of self-confidence, children have to face playground politics and are often ridiculed or bullied for being different to others due to their balding or thinning hair.

All these children want is for their real hair to grow back as normal, and while they are undergoing treatment or waiting for it to do so, we believe that one of the best ways to help him or her deal with the emotional impact of the hair loss is to wear one of our children’s chemo caps from the new kids product range.

Indeed, there are a number of options your child can consider when it comes to covering his or her head, and the aim of our designs is to restore their confidence, as we think that every child deserves a colourful fashionable, and fun head cover to help keep them comfortable during their recovery. From fun animal hats to soft nightcaps, funky bandanas to classic beanies - we offer a variety of chemo caps for kids, encompassing pirate designs to elf beanies that are all stretchy, comfy, and fun to wear.

Feeling good about appearance is very important to most children undergoing cancer treatment, and one of the biggest concerns we hear from parents is if the hair loss headwear is versatile and durable enough to ‘withstand a child’s active lifestyle’. Our caps for balding kids – as well as our other adult headwear - offers full head coverage, with many non-slip designs that are not only versatile, allowing them to resume their active lifestyle with confidence, and but also fun, giving the kids a unique, happy look until the day their hair grows back.

We urge parents to remember that quality matters when it comes to hair loss headwear. This is why, despite our reasonably priced designs, we ensure every piece is made out of a variety of high-quality materials that allow the headwear to be lightweight and breathable.

Our mission is to change the lives of children with hair loss by improving their outlook, empowering them with self-confidence, and renewing their self-esteem. Visit Headwear for Kids and Youngs to view the  collection today.

We hope you love our products.

- Deresina Headwear

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