Top 5 Headwear and Caps for Cancer Patients

Whilst this blog doesn’t claim to have all the answers to the infinite spectrum of emotions you may be feeling at the start of your hair loss journey, it does offer practical advice on some of the headwear for hair loss products we at Deresina believe could help you regain confidence and take back control.

We believe that, whilst you can’t control hair loss you do have complete power over how you handle it. Figuring out a practical solution to help you get through the next stage can be a great way of coping and building confidence, allowing you to become a warrior and escape the shackles of hair loss.

Here are our top 5 headwear for hair loss options; we recommend choosing an item from each category to keep you covered through each stage of hair loss.


1- Headwear & Turban

Our Turbans provide full head coverage for confidence and peace of mind. Unlike alternative head coverings our turbans don’t require any wrap or tie adjustments and can be easily slipped on as and when they are needed.

As a great looking alternative to wigs, which can be complicated and time-consuming to style, our turbans are foldable and wrinkle free, so can easily be carried with you and worn instantly for your convenience.

Turbans can also help to add fullness around the head which makes them a great option for women in the early stages of hair loss who may be feeling self-conscious as their hair begins to thin.

Checkout Unique designs


2- Headscarf

Headscarves are a wonderful option for those who want a hair loss solution that is a little more versatile. Scarfs can be tied in a variety of ways which can drastically alter their appearance, giving wearers the opportunity to try out new looks and styles with ease. At Deresina we also offer a range of cloth pads and caps which can be worn under a headscarf for added security, coverage and confidence. At Deresina, we have a wide range of Square headscarves in various colours and designs. For those unsure of styling or tying headscarf, we also offer best-selling ‘easy tie headscarves’ in our catalog, which once tied can be slipped on and off without the need for retying.

Our top pick: Easy Tie Headscarf in Black with Florals paired with our Essential Cotton Cap in either Burgundy or Black Sleep Caps


3- Sleep Caps

Many people overlook the need for sleep caps; however during the later stages of hair loss these soft cotton sleep caps can become invaluable. Whether worn as an easy option around the house, or as a breathable solution to retain warmth at night, sleep caps are a versatile for many uses.

Our top pick: Lace details sleep cap in Light Blue and the super comfortable Unisex Sleep Cap in Grey

4- Indoor Caps and beanies

Soft indoor caps and beanies offer a relaxed yet stylish option. Whilst beanies commonly found on the highstreets can offer comfort in colder weather, Deresina’s collection of caps, bandanas and beanies are specially developed from breathable cotton making them far more appropriate and comfortable for regular indoor use.

Our top pick: This range is too good to pick just one, check out the whole range here:


Jewelled Caps

Comfort Tie Back Caps



5- Wide Headbands.

As a lot of female pattern hair loss starts on the top and front of the head, headbands can be an effective and stylish solution both indoors and outdoors. As well as being great accessory for any outfit, many Deresina headbands also provide volume, helping thinning hair appear thicker and healthier.


Our top pick: The very feminine Cross Headband in Mulberry To see our full range of fashionable headwear that is comfortable and offers full head coverage suitable for those enduring chemotherapy treatment, those with alopecia or hair loss for other medical reasons, please visit our website and browse the wide selection of hats, beanies, headbands, caps, head scarf’s, turbans and bandana’s.

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