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Simple Solutions for Balding Men

In an aim to dispel myths and uncover the truth, we have provided some insight into what can cause hair loss in men. We have also highlighted some simple headwear solutions to restore male confidence and self-image for those who are experiencing hair loss.

What can cause hair loss in men - and what are the side effects?

Male Pattern Baldness.

This is the leading cause of male hair loss worldwide and unfortunately is the one doctors cannot do much about. Due to its genetic disposition, over time hair follicles shrink - leading to thinning hair. Eventually, they become so small that they cannot replace the lost hairs. Men often feel less confident about their own appearance when they lose hair, and this can sometimes affect their mood and general well being.


Severe physical stress or severe psychological stress, like a death in the family, can have strange effects on the body. Short-term tensions and anxiety because you're late to work, or you’re worried about something is not going to cause you to lose hair. It’s severe stress, i.e. something that causes you to lose sleep or appetite that will send the body into a state of shock, flooding it with various hormones and metabolites. This can lead to a shedding of the hair.


Chemotherapy targets cancer cells that grow rapidly, but unfortunately, hair follicles get caught in the crossfire as they also develop quickly. Hair loss due to chemo can either be steady or dramatic, depending on the type of drug used. Some drugs are more likely to cause hair loss than others, and different doses can cause anything from a slight hair thinning to complete baldness. Thankfully, the hair usually grows back 3-6 months after treatment ends.

So, what are some simple solutions of men experiencing these kinds of hair loss?

As discussed, men experiencing various forms of hair loss can often feel that there are very few suitable headwear options available to them. Our caps for balding men can provide camouflage for thinning hair, allowing men to retain a fashionable appearance. Indeed, whether its chemo caps for men, multipurpose sleep caps for men, reversible beanies or bandanas – the headwear can help men combat shyness, embarrassment or a loss in confidence. Essentially, the caps for hair loss can allow men to slowly resume their daily lives as normal.

Deresina Headwear’s aim is to restore the confidence of those who have experienced hair loss, by providing comfortable, practical and fashionable designs that make the lives of the wearers easier. These values are embodied in our sleep caps for men, as they provide a soft, lightweight option for a variety of different situations through their versatility. Alternatives like wooly hats and scarves are ok for some but can cause a disturbance in sleep, as they can slip or become itchy. Deresina Headwear’s sleep caps for men are snug and comfy yet also very breathable – essential for those warm sunny days to prevent unnecessary sweating. Visit Sleep Caps for Men here

For an outdoor alternative, the polar fleece undercoating of our winter beanie hats ensures that it keeps heads warm, and provides vital protection from windy weather. View the full range Winter Hat for Men here:

We hope you love our products.


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